Fat Fueled Mom Sample Workouts

Periodically, you will see sample workouts from myself, Fat Fueled Mom, and even Fat Fueled Kids. If you listen to the ketogenic athlete podcast, you know that Maura is more intuitive when it comes to her training. She has an idea of what muscles she wants to train on any given day, but she plans her training on that day based on how she feels vs. relying on a strict template. If you are like her, or you would like some ideas for body part specific workouts, conditioning workouts or any other specialized workouts, you will enjoy this series. Here is the first installment.

*If you see a letter followed by a number, that is a superset. That means all of the exercises in that superset need to be completed first before moving to the next set. For example: 3a. weighted step-ups and 3b. Single leg bench hip bridge. You would do your first set of weighted step-ups, move to the first set of single leg bench hip bridges, then rest. Then you would do your second set of each, and so on.

Classic Leg Day Workout

Rest: 45-60 seconds between exercises or supersets.

Warm-Up with 10-20 min on Stair-Master OR 3 sets of empty bar smith machine squats 15 reps

1. Smith Machine Wide Stance Squats 15-12- 12-10 (increase weight each set) 4 sets total

2. Smith Machine Lunges 10-12 reps each leg x 3 sets

3a. Weighted Step-Ups 10-12 reps each leg x 3 sets

3b. Single Leg Bench Hip Bridge (add weight for challenge) 12-15 reps each leg x 3 sets

4. Leg Extensions 100 reps in as little sets as possible

5. Lying Leg Curl 100 reps in as little sets as possible


Backwards Sled Drags 40m x 4 sets (start with a minute rest working way down)


Glute Building Workout

Warm-Up - Stair-Master 10-15 min

Muscle Activation - I’ve found that I’m better able to engage my glutes during my workout when I do some accessory work at the beginning of the workout. If not, my quads and hamstrings will start to take over.


1. Seated with band or abductor machine 20 reps x 3 sets

2. Banded Squats or Jump Squats 20 reps x

3. Bench Supported Hip Thrusts 15 reps weighted (holding squeeze for 2 seconds at the top) drop weight and do another 15 reps bodyweight x 3 sets **Adding a resistance band above your knees will help engage the glute muscles.

4. Weighted Step Ups 12 reps per leg x 3 sets

5. Walking Lunges (DB or Aerobic Bar) 15 per leg x 3 sets — At the end of every set, complete 20 alternating lunge jumps

6. Cable Pull-Throughs 15 reps *superset* Cable Wide Stance Cable Squats x 15 reps x 3 sets

7. Abductor Drop Set - Set a heavy weight and complete 10 reps, drop the weight and complete 10 more, keep going until failure. Complete 3 Sets


Full Body Landmine Workout

*Note: All exercises use the landmine bar. If your gym doesn't have a landmine you can make your own by putting barbell in a corner. Use a weight that challenges you.

1. Backwards Lunge to Single Arm Press (Opposite Arm as Leg) 12-15 reps each leg x 4 sets

2. Sumo Squat x 15 reps —> straight into Deadlift for 15 reps x 4 Rounds

3. Deadlift to Row combo - Face outward with the barbell between your legs. Grab onto the plate (Can be a small 10lb plate) and from the standing position, perform the first half of the deadlift, complete a row at the bottom, then stand back up to full extension. That is ONE rep. Complete 12-15 reps x 4 Sets


Death by Dumbbells - Glutes

*This is the type of workout I’ll do when I’m pressed for time but I still want to get a killer workout.

Details: Pick 3 dumbbells of varying weight. I pick my heavy dumbbell first. This should be a weight that is challenging but you are still able to complete 10 reps. Then I’ll drop the weight by 10 lbs or so for the next 2 dumbbells. For example, I would use a 30-50lb DB, a 25-35lb DB, and then a 15-25 lb DB. Depending on the exercises, I may switch out some of the DBs for different exercises if the weight is too heavy or light. For example, I’ll need heavier DBs for deadlift exercises than I would single leg exercises.

*Set up your three dumbbells in a row about 2-3 feet apart. For most of these exercises, we will start with the heavier dumbbell and move our way down. However, some exercises may begin with the lighter weight, moving up in weight. So you will complete 8-12 reps with the first weight, then move right into the second dumbbell, and then on to the third without stopping. That is ONE set.

Rest: 90 seconds between sets.

Goblet Squat (Start with heaviest weight working down)

10 reps with each dumbbell (30 reps total)

x 3 Sets

Deadlift (Start with lightest weight first)

10 reps with each dumbbell

x 3 Sets

Single Leg Backwards Lunge into Single Leg RDL (Demo in FB Group)

*Start with heaviest weight. Complete all three dumbbells on the same leg before switching legs. These will BURN.

6-8 reps with each dumbbell

x 3 Sets

Curtsey Lunge

*Start with heaviest weight. Complete all three dumbbells on the same leg before switching legs.

8-10 reps each leg

x 3 Sets

Jump Squats (Bodyweight)

**Final Burnout

50 (Beginner)-100 (Advanced) reps in as little sets as possible

Try these out! If you like them, do us a favor and share them with your friends and family!

Trevor White