Fat Fueled Mom Sample Workouts – Death By Treadmill

If you are anything like me, you get very distracted and anxious sitting on a cardio machine for more than 10 minutes. I like to switch it up and get creative with cardio routines. I also don’t usually have enough time in the gym to do a full steady state cardio session of 30+ minutes in addition to my training.

Here is a workout you can do on a treadmill that will take your cardio to the next level. You can also use this as your workout if you need to be in and out of the gym.

Death by Treadmill (Approx 20-30 min)

Grab some light dumbbells for this treadmill workout. 2.5-5 lbs.


5 min uphill walking

Suggested Speed: 3.0-3.5mph

Suggested Incline:  6.0-10.0

*Complete the following during the 5 minute warm-up

20-30 Arm Circles Each Way (no weight)

20-30 External Rotations (no weight)

15 Front to Lateral Raise


Repeat above with light weights x 2-3 Sets

Rest 1 min moderate pace walk

Lunges with Single Arm Press

Suggested Speed: 1.0-1.8

Suggested Incline: 6-10

10-15 Reps Each Leg

x 3 Sets

Rest 1 min moderate pace walk

Deep Walking Lunges

Suggested Speed: 1.0-1.8

Suggested Incline: 6-10

12-15 reps each leg

x 3 sets

Rest 1 min moderate pace walk

Squat Jumps

Suggested Speed: 1.0-1.5mph

Suggested Incline: 5.0-10.0


10-15 reps x 3 Sets

Rest with slow pace walk for 1 min


30 Sec On 30 Sec Off

Suggested Speed: 8.0-10.0mph

Suggested Incline: 1.0-4.0

I hope you guys enjoy this workout! There are some more treadmill style workouts I will be working on. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more workouts like this.

Trevor White