Episode 40 - The Case for Cannabis

This is the 4th episode of our medical cannabis series, and today we are joined by Dr. Herve Damas. He is a physician, former professional football player for the Buffalo Bills, wellness director, professor of health and exercise science as well as strength and conditioning specialist. He am dedicated to promoting a lifestyle of prodigious achievement, healthy living and altruism. Dr. Damas is THE doctor of professional athletes —he holds a large client base of former professional athletes in South Florida, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area. Additionally, Athletes for Care advocates for national drug policy changes and protocol changes for post career transitions of former athletes. Dr. Damas has been a featured keynote speaker at various events, where he has shared his extensive knowledge of cannabis and its healing potential, to help destigmatize the effects and share the benefits of this life-changing medicinal resource. Doctor Damas is widely known for his work with the Cannabis Clinicians of Colorado on a study that will evaluate the effects of CBD as a pain management tool for former elite-level athletes in sports including football, hockey, and basketball. Dr. Damas quickly realized he could help others heal with the knowledge and experience he gained by treating patients with medical marijuana and we are honored to have him on today.

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