Episode 33 - Demystifying Medical Cannibis

We want to do a quick introduction this week as we kick off a series that we hope will educate our listeners on the benefits of medical cannabis for many conditions vs. the standard of care. We’ve partnered up with a great company called Surterra Wellness and you all may have already seen us share about this on social media. We have seen the benefits of cannabis in a lot of people we know who have suffered from a range of issues including PTSD, anxiety, post partum depression, traumatic brain injury, and the list can go on forever. So we really want to demystify this and hopefully shed a lot more light on a very misunderstood subject. And this week we kick it off with Dr. Nicholas Bottaro.

This week’s guest is an ophthalmologist whose passion for medicine and helping people began at a very early age and whose drive to help his patients in every aspect of their lives brought him to medical cannabis. He saw an incredible need for medical marijuana in his own family as his mother suffered from pancreatic cancer. During her last few months, she was in constant pain and her doctors pushed an incredible amount of narcotics at her without giving any consideration to alternative relief. He now finds great fulfillment in giving his patients the greatest quality of life possible, regardless of their ailments, without the poison of many pharmaceuticals.

Article featuring Dr. Bottaro on medical cannabis


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