We are dedicated to raising our boys into active adults. Both of us come from an active background, and we value the discipline that is built when starting to exercise and compete from a young age. Our kids were watching us do CrossFit and competing in powerlifting when they were both infants. Dean started joining at around 4-6 weeks. Exercise has become a normal part of their lives and we are happy about that. That is the whole point! 

We realize that every person has different interests, and ways they like to express themselves, so we have our boys try various activities and sports so they can find what they love. We started both of them in gymnastics. This is, in our opinion, the best foundation for any future athlete. It builds core strength, works on fine motor skills, and challenges children to become stronger.

Something we like to focus on when we talk to the boys about living an active lifestyle, is all of the reasons it is good for you. We tell them how it can help with stress, improve body composition and health markers, and assist them in living a meaningful life because they will feel good. The improvement in physical appearance is just a plus.

Lastly, we regularly find ways to do fitness together as a family. Whether it is hill sprints on a Saturday morning, home workouts, hiking, or any other activity--physical fitness is a vital component of our overall health philosophy, and it is integrated into our lifestyle.